Reclaimed Engineered Flooring: Perfect for Homely Interiors


With its'lived in' look, it blends perfectly with an entire plethora of interior styles. But in regards to getting your hands on a really old reclaimed flooring, you are very likely to have a very, very long wait on your palms. And that is if you're searching for a good alternative. If you're looking for reclaimed engineered flooring, the wait is likely to be more. Why? The solution is really straightforward. The problem is simply that engineered flooring has existed for a relatively short period of time and as a result the market for reclaimed options is still in its infancy.

But the problem is that plenty of individuals desire reclaimed flooring and, for any variety of reasons, they want the boards to be engineered.

So why would you want or want engineered wood flooring to your job? First and foremost, if you're acquainted with engineered alternatives, you'll understand they look great. Beyond this, if you are trying to fit your flooring where there's any kind of threat of humidity or temperature changes, it truly is your very best alternative. So this means you can confidently use this alternative in the likes of kitchens and bathrooms. And then, if you have under floor heating, you could be trying to find a wood flooring option which you may fit over your heating apparatus. These are just a few of the reasons that an increasing number of people are searching for engineered planks over sound.

You might want a reclaimed look to compliment a fashionable mix of contemporary and classic furnishings or to offset big squashy sofas that are covered in washed linen? In any event, the answers that we have won't disappoint. Equally at home in monochrome, modern interiors with merely a bit of classic or rustic appeal, a reclaimed floor will look a million dollars (without costing a fortune), when put together simple, well chosen pieces from the likes of Ikea. Essentially, if you choose your furnishings carefully, you do not need to commit a whole lot when you've as timeless and tasteful a background as recovered flooring.

However, the truth is that getting your hands on reclaimed engineered flooring is going to be tough. As a Result of This, at Forest Gate Floor Sanding , we have scoured the world for reclaimed look boards that will fool even the most cynical of flooring fanatics.

The first is that this pick engineered oak with a smoked and retrieved finish alternative that's been black UV oiled. This usually means that it's seriously dark and will remain that way thanks to the UV filter that is at the end. Supplying a very smooth and constant end result, this floor provides the perfect background for a minimalist room atmosphere where the floor is made to make its statement.

Next you've got this select engineered oak flooring which has a reclaimed look and boasts a brownish UV oiled finish. In many ways, this flooring solution delivers the classic reclaimed look. With its truly old look, it'd work in pretty much any setting you would like to use it. We've seen it used very well in kitchens and baths in addition to in flats where it is the flooring that's used during. In reality, with this floor, the only real limitation is your imagination!

This third choice is again brown oiled, however has a bit more of a shine to it. That said, it includes the same flexibility and lived in appearance that option 2 above provides, so is deserving of a place on your shortlist!

And last, but not least, this organic brown UV oiled floor has all the advantages of option 2 above but is created from natural grade timber, which means you can anticipate a more consistent colour, in addition to smaller and fewer knots. It comes at a small premium, however, is well worth the extra investment if you want a really clean and consistent finish.

Regardless of What Type of wood flooring solution you're after, at Forest Gate Floor Sanding we're likely to have everything you're searching for. Why not take time to browse our website now because we have some real bargains on the go right now?