Reclaimed Engineered Flooring: Perfect for Homely Interiors

  With its'lived in' look, it blends perfectly with an entire plethora of interior styles. But in regards to getting your hands on a really old reclaimed flooring, you are very likely to have a very, very long wait on your palms. And that is if you're searching for a good alternative. If you're looking for reclaimed engineered flooring, the wait is likely to be more. Why? The solution is really straightforward. The problem is simply that engineered flooring has existed for a relatively short period of time and as a result the market for reclaimed options is still in its infancy. But the problem is that plenty of individuals desire reclaimed flooring and, for any variety of reasons, they want the boards to be engineered. So why would you want or want engineered wood flooring to your job? First and foremost, if you're acquainted with engineered alternatives, you'll understand they look great. Beyond this, if you are trying to fit your flooring where there's an